She manicured such a detailed and unique experience for every single one of us ladies who joined in the adventure. I will never look at Florence the same way - it will always have a special place in my heart thanks to the memories that were created during those chats, tours, private concerts, and three hour long dinners with my new friends. I wish everyone I love would take a leap and sign up for one of Amanda's trips and have a magical experience of their own!

Let's Fly Away

Illuminare is an Italian word that means to illuminate; to light up.

That's exactly how I want you to feel during an Illuminare Retreat.  Like the light inside yourself has been flicked back on.  Reconnecting with yourself, your passions & interests - all while being pampered in a beautiful setting.

These retreats were born out of a love of crafting once-in-a-lifetime style experiences abroad for women.

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Val D'Orcia
April 2023

Seville, Spain
October 2023

Paris, france
April 2024

Puglia, Italy
September 2024

You are a nurturer & giver.  It's hard for you to prioritize yourself.  Let's change the narrative.

It's time for you.

Day after day, surprise after surprise, this entire experience was more than I’ll ever be able to describe.

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