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Knowing this was going to be in my dream city in Italy was enough for me but day after day, surprise after surprise, this entire experience was more than I’ll ever be able to describe. It was full of emotion, self discovery, taking time to smell the proverbial roses and really being able to appreciate this life we work so hard to build. Meeting new people not only in our little group but throughout the tours & dinners opened us up to hearing new stories, receiving inspiration and being able to tell ourselves that we are enough and that we are allowed to have things that are just for us. I’ll never forget this entire week and hope I can go on the next adventure because this trip had my cup overflowing and I don’t think I can ever thank Amanda enough. If you’re considering going on a retreat, do it. Don’t try to convince yourself you don’t deserve to go, or that you’ll do the next one, or you can’t afford it. Pull the trigger. You won’t regret it if you go. I promise. 

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